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Customer Agreement / Terms and Conditions

Please review this entire page. By scheduling services, verbally agreeing to services, or signing up for services means you agree to all the terms, conditions and specifications of the services that will be rendered to the property being serviced.

Customer Agrees to the Following:
· Provide APP with a water source to perform any pressure washing services on site and to also make sure outside spigots are flowing water.

· Driveway should be clear of automobiles for house washes and items removed from under and around the deck should be placed at least 15/20 feet from home.
· Clear the working area of all objects (grills, moveable lighting, furniture, plants, etc.). This includes items on or attached to the deck if deck cleaning is to be performed and all items around the house if a house wash will be performed. A $25 charge may be added to the invoice if APP representative is required to move items from or around the deck or house. (Make APP aware if there are problems with moving items prior to the project start date).

Home Owner Responsibility – Safety First

· Children and pets should be kept away from the work area while the work is in progress and after exterior surfaces are cleaned.

· Make sure the windows are closed tightly and notify APP of any damaged window seals or leaks. If you the home owner chooses to remove the window screens. This will allow the operator to access the dirt on the bottom of the sill and rinse it out more thoroughly. You (the home owner) are responsible for removal and re-installation of each screen removed from the windows. If your windows are not sealed properly there may be some leaking, for which APP will not take responsibility.

· Provide APP with exclusive access to areas covered by the estimate or proposal.

· If you have any questions about the scope of work you have scheduled APP to perform or would like to make changes, please contact APP as soon as possible prior to service.

· A $25 charge will be assessed and added to the invoice if APP arrives to the service location and the owner has negated or failed to complete any of the task on this document resulting in APP not be able to begin or complete the project. (i.e. spigots are turned off, windows are open for house wash, items in service area, other contractors are within the specified area covered by the scope of service and the pressure washer or sprayer can not be operated)

Please make checks payable to: (APP or Affordable Painting & Power Washing)
· $ 100% payment of the total cost is due upon completion of the project.

· $ Discount coupons must be presented at the time of the estimate/proposal.

· APP strives to maintain a profession and positive reputation in all communities. All referrals, reviews, references, and comments are much appreciated.
· A check in the amount of $20.00 will be mailed to you for each referral that turns in to a service booking after the job is completed and payment received. The referral must inform APP of the source of referral prior to the estimate.

Terms and Conditions
APP guarantees all products and labor supplied under this agreement to meet or exceed standards of the trade.
This warranty does not apply to any service or product not provided by APP.
The warranty does not apply to any damages caused by factors beyond the control of APP, such as:
· Existing structural defects, un-sealed or un-protected exterior electrical components, appliances, or products not supplied by APP
· Improper maintenance, un-protected electrical components, unusual or usual wear of the surface or surfaces near the area being serviced. (electrical components, rotted wood, loose or pealing paint , loose siding, loose gutter/parts, loose shutters, dry rotted screens, dry rotted dryer vents, etc.)
APP shall only be obligated under this warranty for structural damages that are a direct result of operator error and discovered and reported within 15 days of said completion. Upon receipt of written notice APP shall be allowed 30 days from date of receipt for the purpose of inspecting the premises. APP shall have sole option of repairing or contracting repair work correcting any structural damages that are a direct result of operator error.
By scheduling you authorize APP to complete the work as specified on the proposal/estimate. You release APP from property damage unless damage is caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct. APP is not responsible for damage to loose siding, windows, paint, wood trim, shutters, gutters, or screens. Any damages due to the above are the responsibility of the owner.
House Washing
Depending on the surface being cleaned (siding, wood, vinyl, brick, stone, stucco) a wash process is chosen that will best clean the siding while providing lasting protection against the elements. Mildew, mold, and fungi are not only removed, each of our house washes contain a fungicide that kills the spores from which these growths originate resulting in a much slower return of these intruders. Any stains or spots that are difficult to clean will be given individual attention (i.e. gutters and down spouts).
Note: Results may vary. Some areas may  appear to be cleaner than others to oxidation, age of surface, and exposure to elements.

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